Meet Martie Duncan: Making Entertaining Easy

You know that one friend who always throws the best parties? For us, that person is Martie Duncan. Martie, a Food Network Star finalist and the woman behind “Martie Knows Parties,” is lending her entertaining and hostessing tips as InSinkErator® brand ambassador.

We sat down to talk with this Birmingham-based entrepreneur to learn more about her passion for parties — and the kitchen appliance she can’t live without.


Q: How did you get started cooking and throwing fabulous parties?

A: “I grew up helping my mother in the kitchen. I learned everything from how to make fried chicken to baking pies. Pies were really her specialty — apple, pear, blueberry. We usually made them from fruit we’d put up the previous season.

I started throwing parties when I was in high school. Later, I went into the wedding business, and learned from wedding planners, florists, and caterers. I watched what they did then figured out how to re-create those looks at home.”

Q: You have a passion for creating home entertaining solutions everyone can use. Why is it so important to you to encourage a return to opening one’s home to guests?

A: “It breaks my heart that people don’t entertain as much as they used to. Every get together doesn’t have to be extravagant. When you don’t entertain, you miss out on the memories that could be made.

I think it’s important that we create opportunities to get together. You don’t even need to cook if you don’t want to. There are so many easy ways to enjoy time with family and neighbors.”

Q: Do you think people’s expectations of how they should entertain have been raised to an unattainable, Pinterest-perfect level?

A: “Yes. People put a lot of pressure on themselves from what they see on Pinterest and across the media. I love to get my inspiration from those sources, but ultimately it’s about putting your own spin on things. People are so afraid of criticism, when in reality, sometimes a bag of chips and salsa and a six pack is all it takes. (Not always, of course!)”

Q: Why did you choose to partner with InSinkErator®? How has it made a difference in your entertaining?

A: “I tell my friends now the sweetest sound I hear in the kitchen is the garbage disposal. As an entertainer, you can keep on top of your prep and clean up as you go. With a disposal, I can just scrape off waste and grind it away before putting dishes in the dishwasher rather than let them all pile up in the sink! It makes entertaining so much easier.

I’m proud to be associated with InSinkErator®, not just for the quality product, but because of the people who make it. I recently visited the factory in Racine, Wisconsin, and got to know some of the men and women who make this product. It’s really amazing that all InSinkErator® units are made in America, so when you purchase one you know you are supporting jobs right here in the U.S. I’m humbled to be asked to spread the good news about what this company is doing.”