Debunking The Myth: “You can’t put that in there”

Many people are uncertain about what they should put in their InSinkErator® food waste disposer. Learn everything you need to know once and for all:

Yes, avoid letting your kids’ toys fall down the disposer. But seriously, there are a few more tips that will help you get the most out of your InSinkErator®.

Run the disposer along with a steady flow of cold water. Continue to run the water for a few seconds after grinding is complete to ensure food waste washes down the drain.

The capabilities of the disposer change with the series. People with a Badger Series should avoid grinding large amounts of vegetable peels and hard items, such as chicken bones and avocado pits. Instead, gradually feed these items into the Badger Series.

The Evolution Series grinds these items with ease, but people should avoid grinding large amounts of fibrous materials, such as celery, corn husks, and artichokes. The fine, stringy fibers take longer to break down. People with a Badger Series should avoid putting fibrous materials in the disposer all together.

The Evolution Excel easily eliminates all of these items. This is made possible by MultiGrind Plus, a system that uses three separate grinding stages. It’s also 60% quieter than average disposers, thanks to SoundSeal® Plus noise reducing technology.

And as mentioned in the video, never put oil, grease, or fat down your disposer—or any pipes. They might start out in a liquid state, but they can clog the pipes after they’ve solidified.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable for small amounts grease to go down the disposer: Chicken bones might have small amounts of fat, or vegetables might be cooked in oil. That’s why you should always use cold water when operating the disposer. Cold water causes grease to solidify, and then it can be ground up and flow more easily through the pipes.

One last tip: An easy and effective way to freshen the drain area is to grind citrus fruit peels. They leave a pleasant smell, and each InSinkErator® food disposer is well-equipped to handle them.