3 Myths About Septic Tanks Dispelled

More than a quarter of U.S. homes have septic tanks, but myths about taking care of them persist. If you’re a septic tank owner – or a house hunter – here’s what you need to know about the all-too-frequently misunderstood home feature.

1. Myth: “I have a septic tank. I can’t get a garbage disposal.”

Reality: This is one of the most common myths around septic. The truth: Garbage disposals work fine with septic tanks. Regardless of which InSinkErator® product you purchase, it will be compatible with septic.

2. Myth: There’s no need to pump my septic tank. It’s running fine!

Reality: Septic tanks should be serviced every three-to-five years depending on household size. Regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs.

3. Myth: Septic tanks last forever.

Reality: Septic tanks do last a long time – 20-30 years – but not forever. When purchasing a home, make sure you ask the age of the tank.